lost_from_love (lost_from_love) wrote in notquitesure,


Hey people,
Well I would just like for you guys to give me ya'lls advice. I have been single for a month. Me and my friend did it because we are never usually single. But it has torn us bth to shreds. I realized last night how much I just wanted to kiss someone. Then I thought about my past relationships, and my mind went to this guy named Cody. Best Kisser I have ever kissed. It was forceful and passionate... its really great. So my thought was I just go up to him and ask him if he has a girl friend and then pull him down to my level and kiss him. I haven't really talked to him since november...except a hi now and then. He is a druggy and I don't like that, when we were together he quit for me, but I just want a kiss...what if he pulled away, oh that would be majorly embarresing...Well Coment by saying ...Kiss...or don't... thx much love *muah*
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May 4 2005, 03:15:35 UTC 12 years ago

i strongly suggest do not kiss him..

if you guys were ment to be you'd be together.
ive never date a guy doing drugs... trust me it doesnt work even if they quit. the most likely are the same person

I stumbled upon this community and after reading your post was very curious and just have to know - Did you end up kissing him????
lol, was my post that interestting? Well, my friend ended up telling him I liked him and we got together, so eventually I did kiss him. When I told him about my thought of kissing him randomly he said I should had. Oh well... too many people on lj had me worried that it could turn bad, but thx for taking interest
But that's history now, we broke up and by the way, the nice icon!