lost_from_love (lost_from_love) wrote in notquitesure,


Hey people,
Well I would just like for you guys to give me ya'lls advice. I have been single for a month. Me and my friend did it because we are never usually single. But it has torn us bth to shreds. I realized last night how much I just wanted to kiss someone. Then I thought about my past relationships, and my mind went to this guy named Cody. Best Kisser I have ever kissed. It was forceful and passionate... its really great. So my thought was I just go up to him and ask him if he has a girl friend and then pull him down to my level and kiss him. I haven't really talked to him since november...except a hi now and then. He is a druggy and I don't like that, when we were together he quit for me, but I just want a kiss...what if he pulled away, oh that would be majorly embarresing...Well Coment by saying ...Kiss...or don't... thx much love *muah*
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