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The Wrong Kind of High

You lay on the ground,
Your lifeless eyes gazed at the celing,
They covered you up,
So your mother couldnt see.
A few hours ago we were laughing,
A few minutes ago you were choking.
Not on a piece of food like the normal,
but on your own vomit.
Don't you remember-
We were just laughing about how we couldnt feel our legs?
You fell off the couch and hit your fucking head.
You got up slowly, and gazed around- I couldnt believe it,
You ran up stairs to puke in the god dammed toilet.
I sat there for a while and then i heard... nothing,
I got up, looked in the bathroom,
And i didnt see you moving.
I started SCREAMING- i dont know for how long.
It must have been when your parents got home that i stopped.
I was trying to wake you up,
But i tried to late,
The medics came and said that you were dead,
I screamed, "there has to be a mistake!!"
Your parents were crying, your brothers and sisters to,
I felt so bad that i wasnt sure what to do.
So the next time i plan to go get fucked,
i'll remember what happened to you.

sorry this was such a depressing first piece. I figured that i should start with some emotion. Please give me your thoughts.
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